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Legal provisions – presented clearly and tailored to your company’s requirements

Experience shows that updates of the list of regulatory provisions require a lot of efforts from the companies. We do this work for you and also classify all amendments for you. Along with each amendment of a regulation you will find information on the individual degree of relevance to your company, i.e. whether it is to be labelled as important, for information purposes or less important. The database provides a comprehensive and consistently up-to-date list of environmental regulations and provisions that are relevant to your company, thus fulfilling the criteria set by EMAS, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001. It also includes many provisions related to labour protection.
The regulations can be looked into via an Internet link. It is not in accordance with the copyright law to save the original complete texts (eg from the Bundesgesetzblatt – Federal Law Gazette) in the database.

Architecture, contents and preparation of the data are aimed at allowing the seasoned environmental officer to quickly recognise whether the amendment of a regulation requires rather great efforts, rather minor efforts or no action at all related to the environmental management system.

The database does not claim to clarify all questions related to an amendment of a regulation or to include clear instructions on how to act in response to any type of amendment. Therefore, you will have the option to use the hotline and ask questions related to the implementation.


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