Environmental data base

Collection of environmental and energy data

Within a company, environmental and energy data are collected by various staff. Often, technical operations take meter da, waste management takes data an waste disposal, purchased quantities of hazwardous materials are recorded by materials management and all invoices with data on consumption in accounting. These data are to be processed daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

The environmental officer collects all these data which sometimes requires great efforts, has to process them and present them in a way they can be assessed. The data are presented to the “operators” of the respective plants or the executives in the respective departments. In some companies, units consuming a lot of energy are rather centrally controlled by technical operations. In other companies, consumption is rather determined by the individual user.

Just imagine, there is a central environmental data base which allows you to store all your data.

  • any location

  • any indicator (electriciy, gas, water, waste, quantity of hazardous material, fuel, quantities of purchased materials, etc.)

  • any number of meters

  • aggregation of meters depending on the functional unit, the technical distribution and their organisation unit

  • temporal resolution according to the recording of the data

  • Benchmarks can be used per meter in order so as to be able to build indicators

Then you would just need an appropriate surface to evaluate and present all data. This is not easy if you consider the mere quantity of data and desired visualisation.

We have developed the data bank based on our practical experience. It consists of three major parts.

a) the recording

Via our SharePoint Service you can record the data and meter readings decentrally in Excel in your company. Standard templates can be easily adjusted to your needs.

b) the processing

The database runs on our SQL-servicer. The raw data are aggregated and transferred into a multidimensional client-specific cube which can then be assessed by you.

c) the use

You can access your cube with Excel 2010 or higher via the internet. Your data is available as a multidimensional pivot table. Via so-called data cuts you can easily break the data down from total to single consumers, no matter whether you are on the graphic or the table level. All Excel graphic tools can be used. All hierarchies which have been created in your meter system are available as hierarchies in the pivot tables. If that is not sufficient the progamme can also be done in VBA.

Screenshot Umweltdatenbank


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